Figure 1 of Martin, Mol Vis 2005; 11:338-346.

Figure 1. Retinal degeneration changes fatty acid abundance within phospholipids, not the abundance of a particular phospholipid

Phospholipids of rod outer segments from wild type, and transgenic rats carrying P23H and S334ter mutations were subjected to thin layer and gas-liquid chromatography. The rats were fed either safflower or flaxseed oil from Day 15 of gestation. Moles total fatty acid (FA) indicate phospholipid abundance (A,B). The mole percents of individual FA (among all FA in each lipid) are also reported (C,D). Bars are means; error bars represent standard deviation (sample size was 6). Multivariate analysis of variance (ANOVA) with post hoc Newman-Keuls tests determined statistical significance (p<0.05).

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