Table 1 of Paull, Mol Vis 2005; 11:328-334.

Table 1. Antibodies used for protein detection

Listing of primary antibodies used together with their dilutions, sources, and molecular weights. Numbers in brackets indicate literature sources for the molecular weights. Those without brackets were supplied by the manufacturers. All antibodies were prepared and utilized as described in the Methods section. The molecular weights for human p53 and human p73 (all isoforms) were supplied by the manufacturers.

         Antibody            Dilution     Source      Catalog number    weight (kDa)
--------------------------   --------   ----------   ----------------   ------------
human p53                     1:1000    Santa Cruz   p53(N-19)sc-1314       53

human p63 (all isoforms)      1:500     Oncogene     p63(Ab-1) OP132,    40-80 [22]
                                                     4A4 clone

human p73 (α & β isoforms)    1:1000    Santa Cruz   p73(C-20)sc-7237    48-70 [23]

human p73 (all isoforms)      1:3000    Pharmingen   558787                 66

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