Table 1 of Lin, Mol Vis 2005; 11:245-248.

Table 1. Variation in clinical manifestations in Family 3

The table summarizes the intra-family variation in severity of eye symptoms and the difference in severity between right and left eyes.

                             Horizontal              Eyelid
Proband   Ophthalmoplegia   eye movement   Ptosis   movement   Severity
-------   ---------------   ------------   ------   --------   --------
  II-1        Present          Yes         Mild      Yes        R>L
 III-3        Present          Yes         Severe    Fixed      L>R
 III-4        Present          Yes         Mild      Yes        Equal
  IV-6        Present          Yes         Severe    Yes        Equal
  IV-9        Present          Fixed       Severe    Fixed      Equal

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