Figure 4 of Kerrison, Mol Vis 2005; 11:208-215.

Figure 4. Analysis of outgrowth neuron survival

Cells with neurites surpassing a threshold of one standard deviation in terms of total neurite length and neurite count based on reference wells without growth factors are referred to as outgrowth neurons. Statistically significant increases in the number of outgrowth neurons were observed for cells treated with BDNF, BMP2, BMP13, and GDF8 (myostatin). The number of outgrowth neurons was normalized to the number of outgrowth neurons in media only for each of five independent experiments and is referred to as the "outgrowth count ratio." For statistical comparisons to media only, an asterisk (*) denotes p<0.002; double asterisks (**) denote p<0.0001.

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