Figure 3 of Hayashi, Mol Vis 2005; 11:201-207.

Figure 3. BrdU incorporation and histology of corneal epithelium of bitransgenic after doxycycline induction

A: BrdU incorporation by corneal epithelium of Kr/tet-O-FGF7 bitransgenic mouse 36 h after doxycycline-injection. B: BrdU incorporation by corneal epithelium of bitransgenic mouse without doxycycline treatment. Arrows indicate BrdU labeled cells. In bitransgenic mice without FGF7 induction, most BrdU labeled epithelial cells were found in the peripheral cornea and limbus. Both single transgenic mice (Kr and tet-O-FGF7) at 36 h doxycycline administration had the same BrdU labeling pattern of bitransgenic without induction. In bitransgenic at 36 h induction, many BrdU labeled cells were found in the central basal corneal epithelium. C: Kr/tet-O-FGF7 bitransgenic mice were induced to express FGF7 by treatment with doxycycline in drinking water and injected intraperitoneally daily for one week. D: Control bitransgenic mice without doxycycline treatment. The expression pattern of keratin 12 remained the same in all experimental animals: non-transgenic littermates, and un-induced and induced bitransgenic mice (data not shown). Panels C,D are stained with hematoxylin and eosin (HE).

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