Figure 5 of Bejjani, Mol Vis 2005; 11:124-132.

Figure 5. Bovine RPE cells incubated with nanoparticles loaded with RNFP plasmid

Detectable nuclear red fluorescence was observed in bovine RPE cells incubated with 4 mg/ml of NPs encapsulating the RNFP plasmid. This fluorescence was observed after 48 h of incubation and lasted up to 10 days. A: Phase and fluorescence microscopy of bovine RPE cells on day 6 of culture. B-D: Confocal microscopy of the same cultures: red fluorescence (B), phase (C) and combined phase and red fluorescence (D). Red fluorescence (expression of RNFP) is strictly confined to cell nuclei. Bars represent 20 μm.

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