Table 1 of Warburton, Mol Vis 2005; 11:1122-1134.

Table 1. Proteins identified in retinal lipofuscin

These proteins were identified from in-gel digestion followed by mass spectrometry from the respective SDS-PAGE gel regions or 2D gel spots. These proteins demonstrate that RLF contains components of photoreceptor disks and of lysosomes. Furthermore, 1D- and 2D-based protein identification is complementary, with 1D-based methods identifying significantly more of the heterogeneous and hydrophobic proteins that are found in RLF. We could not differentiate between creatine kinase and arginine kinase because of identical peptide sequences. KIAA0617 was only identified from one peptide with relatively low confidence. Items marked with an asterisk (*) were previosly reported in Schutt et al. [11].

                                            Gel area/
            Protein             NCBI       spot number          Tissue specificity          Subcellular location         Alternate names                  Gene ontology
    -----------------------   --------   ---------------   ----------------------------   ------------------------   -----------------------   -----------------------------------

1D gel system

    4F2 antigen heavy chain   177207     D2                                               type II membrane protein   CD98 antigen              calcium ion/amino acid transport

    11-cis retinol            2492753    I                 retinal pigment epithelium     membrane-associated        retinol dehydrogenase     visual perception

    acyl-CoA dehydrogenase    3273228    F                                                mitochondrial inner                                  fatty acid beta-oxidation

    alpha 1-antitrypsin       24438      H                 plasma                         extracellular              alpha-1-antiproteinase    endopeptidase inhibitor activity

    alpha-tubulin 4           32015      A, D2                                                                                                 protein binding

    alpha-tubulin 1*          37492      F                                                                                                     protein binding

    anion transport protein   28714      D1                erythrocytes                   integral membrane          AE 1, CD233 antigen       cell ion homeostasis

    annexin A2*               18645167   A                                                membrane associated        lipocortin II             calcium ion binding

    beta-globin*              29446      B                 erythrocytes                                              hemoglobin beta chain      oxygen transport activity

    calnexin                  2134858    E1                                               type I membrane protein                              calcium ion binding

    cathepsin D*              494296     B                                                lysosomal                                            lysosome

    ceroid-lipofuscinosis     5729770    H                                                lysosomal                  tripeptidyl-peptidase I   tripeptidyl-peptidase I

    cytochrome c oxidase II   14016      L                                                integral membrane          cytochrome c oxidase      cytochrome-c oxidase activity
    subunit                                                                               protein, mitochondrial
                                                                                          inner membrane
    interphotoreceptor        33961      D1                interphotoreceptor matrix                                 interstitial              lipid metabolism, visual peception
    retinoid-binding                                                                                                 retinol-binding protein

    keratin                   30154839   B, F, M                                                                                               cytoskeleton organization

    lysosomal integral        1362856    E1                                               type II membrane           LIMP II, CD36 antigen     integral to plasma membrane
    membrane protein II                                                                   protein, lysosomal         like 2

    myelin protein zero       127721     A, B, D1/2,       peripheral nervous system      type I membrane protein                              structural molecule activity,
                                         E1/2, F, I, J,    schwann cells                                                                       synaptic transmission

    NADH-ubiquinone           128826     E1                                               mitrochondrial inner       NADH dehydrogenase        electron carrier activity
    oxidoreductase                                                                        membrane

    Na+/K+-exchanging         88214      D1                                               integral membrane          sodium pump 3             ATP hydrolysis, proton transport
    ATPase                                                                                protein

    peripherin                4506465    A                 photoreceptor rod rim region   integral membrane          retinal degeneration      visual perception
                                                                                          protein                    slow protein

    phospholipase C-alpha     303618     F                                                endoplasmic reticulum      protein disulfide         signal transduction
                                                                                                                     isomerase A3

    rhodopsin                 4506527    D1/2, E1/2,       photoreceptor rod              integral membrane          Opsin 2                   phototransduction,
                                         F, G, H, I                                       protein                                              G-protein coupled receptor activity

    rod outer segment         4506575    A, D2, H, I       photoreceptor rod rim region   integral membrane          ROSP1                     visual perception
    membrane protein I                                                                    protein

    retinal pigment           4506591    D2, E1/2          retinal pigment epithelium                                RPE65                     visual perception

    retinal S-antigen*        4506781    F, G              retina and pineal gland                                   rod photoreceptor         signal transduction
    serum albumin*            28592      A                 plasma                         secreted                                             body fluid osmoregulation

    transducin                31865      A                 photoreceptor rod              membrane associated                                  visual perception

    trypsin                   136429     A, D1/2,                                         extracellular                                        protease
                                         E1/2, F, G, H,
                                         I, M

2D gel system

    ATP synthase, beta        32189394   19, 47, 71                                       mitochondria, membrane                               tranpsorter activity
    subunit*                                                                              protein

    calnexin                  2134858    3                                                type I membrane protein,                             calcium ion binding

    calreticulin*             4757900    6                                                endoplasmic reticulum                                protein folding

    calumenin                 2809324    16                ubiquitously expressed         endoplasmic retic.         crocalbin                 calcium ion binding

    creatine kinase/          180570     74                                               cytoplasmic                                          creatine kinase activity
    arginine kinase*#

    cathepsin D*              494296     37,38                                            lysosomal

    ceroid-lipofuscinosis,    5729770    21,24                                            lysosomal
    neuronal 2

    dnaK-type molecular       87528      4,5,52                                           endoplasmic reticulum
    chaperone HSPA5                                                                       lumen

    heat shock protein        15010550   7                                                endoplasmic reticulum      GRP94, tumor rejection    response to unfolded protein
    gp96a                                                                                 lumen                      antigen

    KIAA0908                  4240305    57                ubiquitous                     lysosomal                  prenylcysteine oxidase    lysosome, lyase activity

    KIAA0617                  40788303   30                widely expressed               nuclear and golgi                                    cell cycle arrest

    motor protein*            516764     74                                               mitochondrial inner        mito. inner memb.         mitochondrial inner membrane
                                                                                          membrane                   protein, mitofilin
    mutant β-actin            28336      27                                               cytoplasmic                                           acetyltransferase complex

    NADH-ubiquinone           128826     1, 2, 32, 33,                                    mitrochondrial inner       NADH dehydrogenase        electron carrier activity
    oxidoreductase                       41, 54                                           membrane

    phospholipase c-α         303618     11                                               endoplasmic reticulum                                signal transduction

    pre-mRNA splicing         338043     32                                               mitochondrial matrix       hyaluronan-binding        immune response
    factor SF2p32                                                                                                    protein 1

    prohibitin*               4505773    39                widely expressed               cytoplasmic                                          regulation of cell cycle

    protein disulfide         5031973    7,12,19                                          endoplasmic reticulum
    isomerase                                                                             lumen

    vimentin*                 4507895    17                                               highly expressed in                                     structural constituent

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