Figure 9 of Warburton, Mol Vis 2005; 11:1122-1134.

Figure 9. Immunoblots of oxidatively damaged RLF proteins

A: RLF proteins, 1.4 and 4 μg, that had been derivatized with dinitrophenyl hydrazine (right two lanes) or that were untreated (middle two lanes) were run on SDS-PAGE and blotted with an anti-DNP antibody to show the derivatized protein carbonyls, a common product of protein oxidative damage. Shown for comparison and to demonstrate specificity are lanes of BSA, BSA treated with DNPH, and BSA oxidized with hypochlorite then treated with DNPH. B: 30 and 150 μg of RLF proteins were separated using SDS-PAGE and blotted with an anti-MDA antibody to show RLF proteins containing lipid peroxidation-induced damage. There is extensive oxidative damage to RLF proteins.

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