Table 4 of Otteson, Mol Vis 2005; 11:986-995.

Table 4. Linkage of microsatellite repeat Z13833 in mokm632 mapping panel

Linkage analysis of the CA microsatellite repeat Z13833, located about 4.2 cM from crx on chromosome 5, identified two alleles (designated A and B) in the mokm632 mapping panel. All allele combinations (AA, AB and BB) are present in both homozygous mutant mokm632 and their wild-type sibs. A maximum of 4 out of 8 homozygous mokm632 mutants showed a single allele combination, corresponding to a 50% recombination rate. In contast, the predicted recombination rate between Z13833 and the closely linked crx gene is 4.2%. These results indicate that Z13833 and crx segregate independently from the mokm632 mutant phenotype.

                   AA   AB   BB
----------------   --   --   --
mutant (n=8)       4    3    1

wild-type (n=10)   2    3    5

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