Table 1 of Motallebipour, Mol Vis 2005; 11:950-957.

Table 1. Sequence of primers used for study of polymorphisms

The table below summarizes all primers used in the study of polymorphisms for PCR, sequencing, and SNaPshotTM. The column "Primer name" refers to the type of polymorphism and "Position" is its location in relation to transcriptional start position at +1. The sequence for the CCTTT-microsatellite primer was taken from [25]. For SNaPshotTM only one primer is required for each SNP. In the "Sequence" column for the SNaPshotTM primers, the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of "GATC" repeats.

     Primer name     Direction   Position          Sequence (5'-3')
    --------------   ---------   --------   -------------------------------

PCR primers

    C/T              Forward      -3761     TCCAGGATAATGAGCCCAAG
                     Reverse                GTCCCACCACAAACACCTG
    C/T              Forward      -3031     AAAAACCATTGCATTTTACACTTT
                     Reverse                TGGCAAGCTGTGAGAAGGTA
    C/G              Forward      -2441     GCTCTCTGCAGCCTCTAACTC
                     Reverse                AGCCAGCTGGGAAGGAAATA
    C/T              Forward      -1659     TCTTGGGTGGGGGCATTA
                     Reverse                CATCTTCCCTTCAGGCTTCA
    G/T              Forward      -1026     TCCCTTTGCTTCTCAACTTCTC
                     Reverse                TGGAGTCTCATTCTGTCACCA
    A/G              Forward       -277     AGCTTCCTGGACTCCTGTCA
                     Reverse                GGAGCCTCAGTTTTCGACTC
    C/T              Forward       1211     GATCTCAGATTTCGAGGGATGA
                     Reverse                ATGGCTTTACAAAGCAGGTCA
    C/T              Forward       1638     GATCTCAGATTTCGAGGGATGA
                     Reverse                ATGGCTTTACAAAGCAGGTCA

Sequencing primers

    CCTTT-           Forward      -2600     ACCCCTGGAAGCCTACAACTGCAT
    microsatellite   Reverse                GCCACTGCACCCTAGCCTGTCTCA

    TAAA-repeat      Forward       -751     ACTCCGCTCCAGTCTTGGT
                     Reverse                AGGAAGGCTATTGGCACAGA

    GTGTGTT          Forward       -453     TCTGTGCCAATAGCCTTCCT
    ins/del          Reverse                TCCCTGTCCATCCTCTCACT

SNaPshot primers

    C/T              Forward       -3761    ATCAGAAGAGGCCAGGAATG
    C/T              Forward       -3031    (GATC)(2)CAGTGAAGCTGTGCCTCGAA
    C/G              Reverse       -2441    (GATC)(4)GAAAATAAATTAGCTGGGTATG
    C/T              Forward       -1659    (GATC)(6)TTCCTTGAACAAGGCAGAAC
    G/T              Reverse       -1026    (GATC)(3)GGATTACAAGGGTTAGCCAC
    A/G              Forward        -277    (GATC)(2)GGCTCCGTGGTGCCTCT
    C/T              Forward        1211    (GATC)(7)TTGAGTGCTTTCCCCAGTAA
    C/T              Forward        1638    (GATC)(10)CCTTCCCTCACCTCTGCTTC

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