Figure 5 of Govindarajan, Mol Vis 2005; 11:876-886.

Figure 5. Endogenous Pax6 expression in Pax6-GAL4/VP16 families

In situ hybridizations were performed on ocular sections of nontransgenic (marked +/+; A,B,M,N), OVE1931 (C,D), OVE1934 (E-H), OVE1935 (I-L), and OVE1936 (O,P) transgenic embryos using 35S-labeled Pax6 riboprobe. Pax6 expression in the eyes of all transgenic families was comparable to the nontransgenic control. The corneal epithelium (ce), lens epithelial cells (le), lens fiber cells (lf), and retina (r) are identified in A. The abbreviation Tg/+ indicates heterozygous mice and Tg/Tg indicates homozygous mice. Scale bar (K) represents 100 μm.

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