Figure 4 of Govindarajan, Mol Vis 2005; 11:876-886.

Figure 4. Southern hybridizations of Pax6-GAL4/VP16 transgenic families

A 32P-labeled probe that hybridizes to the Pax6 promoter sequences of the transgene (Figure 1) was used to probe a Southern blot of BamHI digested-genomic DNA from the different Pax6-GAL4/VP16 transgenic lines. SpeI/NotI-digested injection fragments (Inj. frag.) were used as controls. As there is only one BamHI site within the transgene, the 4 kb band (arrow) represents the unit length of a transgene concatamer. Since family OVE1937 had only a single copy of the transgene, no concatamer band was detected. The abbreviation +/+ indicates nontransgenic mice.

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