Figure 6 of Dahlman, Mol Vis 2005; 11:88-96.

Figure 6. Effect of temperature on the chaperone-like activity of zebrafish and human α-crystallins

Higher percent protection indicates less aggregation of denatured protein due to the protection of α-crystallin. A: Assays with 0.8 mg/ml α-lactalbumin using a 1:20 mass ratio of crystallin to target protein. B: Assays with 0.4 mg/ml insulin using a 1:1 mass ratio of crystallin to target protein. The crystallins used were zebrafish αA-crystallin (ZaA), human αA-crystallin (HaA), zebrafish αB-crystallin (ZaB), and human αB-crystallin (HaB). The dotted line indicates the protection provided by the zebrafish/human hybrid αB-crystallin (HybaB) described in Table 1. The vertical lines indicate the physiological temperatures of the zebrafish (27 °C) and human (37 °C).

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