Figure 4 of Dahlman, Mol Vis 2005; 11:88-96.

Figure 4. Chaperone-like activity of zebrafish and human αA-crystallin at 37 °C

The target proteins used were 0.6 mg/ml α-lactalbumin (A), 0.4 mg/ml insulin (B) and 0.1 mg/ml lysozyme (C). Curves show the aggregation of α-lactalbumin (Lac), insulin (Ins), or lysozyme (Lys) alone or with varying amounts of zebrafish αA-crystallin (ZaA) or human αA-crystallin (HaA). Shown are the mass ratios of α-crystallin to target protein in each assay. Lower absorbance indicates greater protection from aggregation provided by the crystallins. Reaction buffer conditions are described in Methods.

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