Table 2 of Liang, Mol Vis 2004; 10:773-786.

Table 2. Summary of 26 cDNAs/ESTs unique to RetinalExpress

For each unique cDNA/EST, the identification numbers in RetinalExpress and Unigene databases are provided. For each clone, the remaining columns provide information on chromosome location, name of the predicted gene in which the sequence is embedded, and name and description of the human homolog, if any.

ID (Rx/GenBank)    Chromosome       Gene prediction          Human homolog
----------------   ----------   -----------------------   --------------------
0243-48/BG803924        2       Human mRNA AK024304       Human mRNA AK024304

0253-30/BG804246        9       LOC332538 XM_288265

0612-05/BG805068       12       Genscan chr12_13.130

0612-84/BG805135        4       Gnomon model hmm34188

0691-17/BG805313        9       9930116O05Rik XM_284500   15q21.2 hypothetical
                                                          protein FLJ12994

2023-91/BG806365       14       Genscan chr14_22.160

2044-45/BG807043        9       Genscan chr9_14.14        15q21-q22
                                                          RAR-related orphan
                                                          receptor A

2052-73/BG807223       12       Gnomon model hmm21915     Chromosome 14, but
                                                          no annotation

2071-55/BG807747        8       Genscan chr8_9.141

2083-71/BG808261        2       Gnomon model hmm32420

2084-90/BG808359       12       Genescan chr12_1.57

2123-08/BG808847        X       Gnomon model hmm23955

3132-51/BI985175       16       Hypothetical protein

3192-89/BI987199       10       Genscan chr10_22.7

3193-74/BI987276       18       LOC240432                 18q21.1 SET binding
                                                          protein 1

3201-21/BI987407        2       LOC269389  XM_111810      20q13.12 chromosome
                                                          20, open reading
                                                          frame 100

4084-36/BI991041       10       Genscan chr10_8.25

5021-13/BU918238       14       Gnomon model hmm27939

6062-38/BU920608        5       Genscan chr5_19.101

6091-77/BU921589       14       Genscan chr4_9.123

7023-37/BU922380       10       Gnomon model hmm20256

7033-41/BU922706       19       Genscan chr19_2.145

7042-07/BU922919       14       cDNA sequence BC016265

7103-74/BU924923       15       Genscan chr15_10.88       chr15_10.88 in first
                                                          intron of Ext1

8023-08/CA526863       10       Genscan chr10_26.18       Chromosome 12, but
                                                          no annotation

8094-95/CA529167       13       Genscan chr13_21.82

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