Table 2 of Tasheva, Mol Vis 2004; 10:758-772.

Table 2. Primers used for DNAse I hypersensitivity PCR assay

Primer pairs used for DNAse I hypersensitivity PCR experiments and their corresponding amplification products are indicated. Numbers in the primer name indicate the position of the primer relative to translation initiation site of the human mimecan gene.

 name                   Sequence                       Amplification product
-------   -------------------------------------   -------------------------------
Hm+4145   5'-GAACTCCACAGAGGCCAAGGTGG-3'           246 bp of the intergenic region
Hm-4391   5'-GGCAAGGTCTTGCTCTGTCACCCAAGCTGG-3'    (ig1) on human chromosome 9

Hm+4351   5'-ATCGTGCCACTGCACTCCAGCTTGGGTG-3'      274 bp of ig2

Hm+4707   5'-GAGGTAGAGGTGGCTATGCCAGG-3'           271 bp of ig3

Hm+1314   5'-CACGGTACCCTAGTACAACACACTGGATTTC-3'   410 bp encompassing exon 1 of
Hm-904    5'-AGCACCCTATTCTTGCCTCGCTGG-3'          the gene encoding human mimecan

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