Figure 4 of Lin, Mol Vis 2004; 10:688-695.

Figure 4. Phosphorylation of Cx46 and Cx50 on Ser or Thr

Cx46 (A) and Cx50 (C) were immunoprecipitated from the pools of lipid raft fractions 3 to 6 after sucrose gradient fractionation of lens whole cell extracts from H2O2 treated (100 μM, 15 min) and untreated lenses, and the protein complexes were resolved by 4-15% SDS gradient gels and immunoblotted with anti-phosphoserine (pS), anti-phosphothreonine (pT), anti-Cx46, or anti-Cx50 antisera. The intensity of phosphorylated bands was digitalized and graphed. Phosphorylation of Cx46 (B) and Cx50 (D) on Ser and Thr are shown. Cx46 and Cx50 were present as loading controls. Results are the means of three experiments. The asterisk indicates statistical significance.

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