Figure 1 of Elias, Mol Vis 2004; 10:672-681.

Figure 1. Light-dependent translocation of arrestin and rod α-T

Immunocytochemical localizations of arrestin and rod α-T in dark and light adapted albino mouse retinas were conducted. In the dark, arrestin (red) is localized in the RIS, ONL, and OPL whereas α-T (green) is localized in the ROS. The localizations are reversed in the light adapted retinas with the arrestin localized to the ROS and α-T being in the RIS, ONL, and OPL. Cone inner segments show up as red streaks (arrow heads) in the region of the RIS in the light adapted retina and the cone terminals appear as red spots (arrows) in the OPL. Nuclei are stained with DAPI. The rod outer segment is indicated by ROS, the rod inner segment is indicated by RIS, the outer nuclear layer is indicated by ONL, and the outer plexiform layer is indicated by OPL. The scale bar represents 15 μm.

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