Figure 1 of Pasta, Mol Vis 2004; 10:655-662.

Figure 1. Subunit-exchange as monitored by FRET

A: Subunit-exchange between AIAS (donor) labeled T162CαB-crystallin and LYI (acceptor) labeled αA-crystallin at 37 °C. The dashed line spectra (filled circle) was recorded immediately after mixing, the filled triangle was after 10 min incubation, the filled diamond was after 60 min incubation, and the filled square was after 90 min incubation. B: Subunit-exchange between AIAS labeled and LYI labeled T162C αB-crystallin. The thick solid line spectra was recorded (open circle) immediately after mixing, the open triangle was after 10 min incubation; the open diamond was after 30 min incubation; and the open square was after 60 min incubation.

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