Table 1 of Hackam, Mol Vis 2004; 10:637-649.

Table 1. Primer pairs used in quantitative PCR

Quantitative (real-time) PCR was performed on the following genes for each tissue, using the primer pairs listed below (see text for more details). The specificity of each primer set was verified by melting curve analysis and gel electrophoresis.

            Gene                           Primer
-----------------------------   -----------------------------
ARP                             F: 5'-ATCTGCTGCATCTGCTTG-3'
                                R: 5'-CGACCTGGAAGTCCAACTAC-3'

Mm.47502 (RIKEN full-length     F: 5'-GTGGACCAGCTTCAAGGAAC-3'
enriched library,               R: 5'-GCACTTTCCACCACCATTTT-3'
clone 1700008G05, AK005765)

TPA regulated locus             F: 5'-CATCGTATTTTTGGCGTTTG-3'
                                R: 5'-TTGCTGATTACTGGCTCAGG-3'

RAR related orphan receptor     F: 5'-TCAAGGCGTATCAAAGCAAG-3'
beta                            R: 5'-CAGCTGCAAGGAACACAGAT-3'

Mm.185934 (RIKEN full-length    F: 5'-CCTCTTGGCTTCCACTTAGC-3'
enriched library,               R: 5'-CACGAACCCTACATCATTGC-3'
clone A930006B11, AK044294)

nectin-like protein 2 (Necl2)   F: 5'-CACCATCACAGTCCTGGTTC-3'
                                R: 5'-AACTCAAATGCATCCCCTTC-3'

kinectin                        F: 5'-CAAGGAAGAGCAGGTGAACA-3'
                                R: 5'-CTCCCGAAGGTCATTGTTTT-3'

Mm.260095                       F: 5'-TCATTCTCGGCAGTTTCTC-3'
                                R: 5'-CTCAAGGCCTTATGTGCTG-3'

rck kinase                      F: 5'-GGGAAGTATAATGGCCGAG-3'
                                R: 5'-TCAGAGGAAGATGGCTTTG-3'

RIRD-1 (IMAGE 4505626)          F: 5'-ATGGCAGGAGCATGAAATG-3'
                                R: 5'-TAGTAGTGGTGATCATGGTG-3'

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