Figure 2 of Jablonski, Mol Vis 2004; 10:577-587.

Figure 2. Interval map of ldis1 on chromosome 8

The x-axis represents all of chromosome 8 from the centromere (black dot) near marker D8Mit289 to the telomere near D8Mit360. Black line graphs the LOD score of linkage of data based upon eye weight (A), lens weight (B), and lens morphology (C). The blue line graphs represent the coefficent of the wildtype allele dominance whereas the red lines represent the coefficient of the additive effect. Values in parentheses next to markers are megabase positions from the October 2003 mouse genome assembly (UCSC version mm4), which is based on NCBI Build 32. The 2-LOD support interval (SI) of ldis1 is bracketed between D8Mit242 and D8Mit199 in each figure. D: Haplotype analysis of the ldis1 region on distal chromosome 8 between D8Mit242 and D8Mit199. Black squares indicate the R/R genotype, while white squares indicate heterozygous (R/D) and/or wildtype (D/D) mice. The number of progeny from the R/R and R/D or D/D genotypes are indicated under each haplotype. The genotype of some of the mice with the R/D heterozygous genotype suggest that the ldis1 locus is not entirely recessive.

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