Figure 3 of McColm, Mol Vis 2004; 10:512-520.

Figure 3. Effect of a single episode of hypoxia on VEGF isoform expression

A: RT-PCR of VEGF isoform mRNAs in P7 (lane 1) and P14 (lane 3) control animals in room air (RA), and animals that had a single hypoxic episode of 24 h of 10% oxygen (10% O2) at either P7 (lane 2) or P14 (lane 4). PCR was repeated three times on different experiments and this result is representative. B: Densitometry measurements using 18S RNA as the control gene. Samples were assayed in triplicate and error bars are standard deviations. An asterisk ("*") indicates p<0.01 compared to respective controls, t test.

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