Figure 5 of Leske, Mol Vis 2004; 10:43-50.

Figure 5. Retinal VEGF mRNA expression in hypercarbic OIR

Retinal VEGF mRNA in hypercarbic OIR measured by Northern blot analysis (A) and qRT-PCR (B). Retinal VEGF mRNA levels were reduced on day 8 (while in high oxygen) and increased on day 10 (following 2 days of room air recovery) compared to age matched room air controls by both methods. qRT-PCR continued to show a significant increase of retinal VEGF mRNA levels at 13 days. VEGF mRNA had returned to normal levels by day 20. P values are for comparisons of OIR and room air controls at each time. Non-significant comparisons are labelled "NS" (p>0.05).

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