Table 2 of Ida, Mol Vis 2004; 10:439-444.

Table 2. Results of EST sequence analysis for RPE/choroid and retina libraries

Library sequences were clustered and identified using GRIST (GRouping and Identification of Sequence Tags). ESTs were matched to sequences from GenBank, UniGene, other EST databases, possible ORFs, or remained unidentified. The numbers of various types of gene clusters in each category are shown for both mouse libraries.

        Library           RPE/choroid   Retina
-----------------------   -----------   ------
Total number of gene         3145        3190

Match to GenBank             2726        2718

UniGene match but no           96         131
GenBank match

Match with other EST,          32          36
but no GenBank or
UniGene match

No match to other DNA          37          29
sequences, but possible
ORF match

Unidentified                  254         276

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