Figure 2 of Toomes, Mol Vis 2004; 10:37-42.

Figure 2. Pedigree of the family segregating FEVR

Genotypes are shown for 12 markers spread across a 30 cM region spanning the EVR1 locus on chromosome 11q. Unaffected individuals are represented by open symbols and affected individuals by black symbols. Haplotypes are represented by coloured bars (each colour representing a different haplotype) with the disease haplotype coloured black. The numbers alongside each haplotype bar correspond to the size of each allele amplified by the microsatellite markers, in base pairs. The centromeric crossover is seen in individual V:1 and was detected by D11S1368 and other markers proximal to it. The telomeric crossover is in individual III:7 and was detected by marker D11S937 and others more distal markers, including D11S896 which maps next to the FZD4 gene. Therefore, the new EVR4 locus is flanked by D11S1368 and D11S937 and spans 15 cM. (D11S533, the marker previously shown to be linked to FEVR in this family [22], is physically located between D11S1291 and D11S937, and maps genetically alongside D11S937).

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