Figure 1 of Smith, Mol Vis 2004; 10:392-398.

Figure 1. Competitive Inhibition of Arrestin Binding

A: Anti-myc monoclonal antibodies were used to competitively inhibit the binding of myc-tagged arrestins to light-activated phosphorylated rhodopsin. Antibody competition curves are shown for arrestins with the myc tag inserted at Pro-186/Gln-187 (filled triangles), Ser-199/Asp-200 (open squares), and Tyr-250/Ser-251 (filled circles). B: IC50 was calculated from each of the above curves, along with IC50 for competitive inhibition of arrestin binding with the myc tag inserted at Arg-37/Val-38, Ile-72/Asp-73, Ala-99/Thr-100, Asp-162/Lys-163, Glu-314/Gly-315, Leu-338/Leu-339, Thr-343/Ser-344, and after Glu-399. Myc-tagged arrestin (4 μM) was mixed with increasing amounts of anti-myc antibody, and added to phosphorylated rhodopsin in disc membranes (7 μM), and subsequently illuminated. The amount of bound arrestin in three replicates at each antibody concentration was normalized to the amount of arrestin bound in the absence of antibody.

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