Figure 5 of Yuan, Mol Vis 2004; 10:351-360.

Figure 5. Luciferase activity of the 1 Kb construct in different cell lines

Cells transfected with 1 Kb fragment-luciferase plasmid were harvested to measure the luciferase level. The 1 Kb promoter in all transfected cells increased the expression of luciferase reporter, ranging from an 8.5 fold to a 62.6 fold increase. The value of each column is expressed as an n-fold increase over the activity of the pGL3-Basic vector for each cell type. Each transfection was tested in triplicate and four sets of experiments were performed on each cell type. Results from four experiments were pooled for statistical analysis. Error bars represent standard error. HCE-T represents the human corneal epithelial cell line from ATCC and HCE-P indicates human corneal epithelial primary cultures.

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