Figure 3 of Ottino, Mol Vis 2004; 10:341-350.

Figure 3. Hypoxia enhances VEGF-165 mRNA abundance in choroid-retinal EC

A: Primer set designed from monkey VEGF-165 coding region, [27] which revealed a 341 bp product corresponding to the monkey VEGF-165 isoform. B: Oligonucleotide primers specific for all VEGF-A isoforms-121, 165, 189, 206, produced a single band of 410 bp on the gel corresponding to VEGF-165 isoform. Both primer sets showed that hypoxia induced VEGF-165 gene expression. The expression of the 18S rRNA housekeeping gene does not change during the treatment. C: Analysis of VEGF-165 gene expression by real-time PCR. Values represent the fold increase in gene expression relative to untreated controls (dotted line) and are the mean of three independent experiments (each experiment run in triplicate; error bars represent the SEM). An asterisk ("*") indicates a significant difference relative to normoxic control. p<0.001 at 1 and 2 h; p<0.05 at 4 h; p<0.01 at 8 h.

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