Figure 8 of Koizumi, Mol Vis 2004; 10:328-340.

Figure 8. Simulating the effects of IIR on amacrine cell dendrites

Electrical isolation of the stimulated dendrite is enhanced by IIR. A: a starburst amacrine cell was reproduced in the Neuron simulator with realistic dimensions. B: a voltage-clamp experiment was applied to the model cell (from -100 mV to -40 mV, in 10 mV steps, for 200 msec, holding potential was -60 mV). The resting membrane conductance was changed to several values, and the cases with 5x105 S/cm2 (G1) and 5x106 S/cm2 (G2) were shown. C: Synaptic stimulation was applied to the dendritic branch "a". Voltage changes were recorded at the distal tip of the stimulated dendritic branch (filled circle "1"), the distal tip of the opposite dendritic branch (filled circle "3") and the soma (filled circle "2"). The simulation was performed in both the G1 model and the G2 model in B. D: Relationship of conductance changes with half durations and peak amplitudes of voltage changes at the opposite dendritic branch (filled circle "3").

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