Figure 2 of Lambert, Mol Vis 2004; 10:289-296.

Figure 2. Phosphorylation of Trk B receptors following treatment with BDNF or NT-4

Cells were treated with exogenous NT, pre-treated with K-252a and then treated with NT, or treated with K-252a alone. Untreated LC cells and ONH astrocytes served as controls. Immunoprecipitated Trk proteins were blotted with an anti-phospho-pan-Trk antibody (pTrk), stripped, and re-probed with anti-Trk B antibody. The terms neurotrophin (NT), BDNF treated (BDNF T), NT-4 treated (NT-4 T), and immunoprecipitation (IP) are abbreviated in the figure.

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