Figure 1 of McKay, Mol Vis 2004; 10:240-247.

Figure 1. Transverse sections of unfixed retina

Transverse sections of unfixed retina obtained following cryosectioning were stained with toludine blue. The left hand image shows the full thickness of the retina following dissociation from the eyecup, which occurs between the RPE and photoreceptor outer segments. The photoreceptor layer has been removed by cryosectioning in the central image and subsequent removal of the inner nuclear layer (right hand image) leaves a layer which includes nerve fibers, astrocytes and ganglion cells (termed the "ganglion cell layer" in this paper). The panel to the extreme left is a non-scalar overview of the relative thickness of the recovered enriched retinal layers (μm) GCL: Ganglion cell layer; INL: Inner nuclear layer; PRL: Photoreceptor layer.

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