Figure 1 of Pfeffer, Mol Vis 2004; 10:23-30.

Figure 1. Immunochemical detection of transthyretin in RPE-conditioned medium

Immunochemical detection of transthyretin in conditioned medium from cultured monkey RPE (retinal pigmented epithelium). Western immunoblot analysis was performed on purified human TTR (lane 1), and on non-concentrated RPE-conditioned medium (lane 2). Immunoreactive bands are displayed at an apparent molecular size of 15 kDa (arrow), representing TTR monomer, in both samples. In addition, both samples reveal a higher molecular mass band, most likely corresponding to TTR dimer, at approximately 31 kDa (lane 1) and 35 kDa (lane 2, asterisk). The molecular size scale is based on biotinylated standards.

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