Table 1 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2004; 10:208-214.

Table 1. DNA constructs used in the transgene expression system

pLuc series contain the 5x17-mer GAL4 binding site and the luciferase reporter gene (luc) regulated by the different promoters; pGV series contain GAL4-VP16 DNA regulated by CMVP or R65P (Figure 1A). pLuc-GV series combine luc, the 5x17-mer and GAL4-VP16 DNAs in the same construct (Figure 1B). There are two types of single DNAs according to the regulation of the reporter gene: the minimal promoter (TATA) or the RPE65 promoter (R65P).

                    Promoter regulating
                     the reporter gene
        Name        (luc)/GAL4-VP16 (GV)                      Comments
   --------------   --------------------   -----------------------------------------------

Double DNA pLuc series

   pMluc (pG5luc)   TATA-luc
   pCMVluc          CMVP-luc
   phR65luc         hR65P-luc              Transfection or co-transfection with pGV series
   pmR65luc         mR65P-luc

Double DNA pGV series

   pCMVGV           CMVP-GV
   phR65GV          hR65P-GV               Co-transfection with pLuc series
   pmR65GV          mR65P-GV

Single DNA pLuc-GV series

   pMluc-CMVGV      TATA-luc CMVP-GV
   pMluc-hR65GV     TATA-luc hR65P-GV
   pMluc-mR65GV     TATA-luc mR65P-GV      Transfection with a pLuc-GV DNA
   phR65luc-GV      hR65P-luc hR65P-GV
   pmR65luc-GV      mR65P-luc mR65P-GV

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