Figure 5 of Martin, Mol Vis 2004; 10:199-207.

Figure 5. Outer nuclear layer thicknesses across entire retinas

Wild type (WT), P23H, and S334ter rats were fed safflower oil (SO,n-6 fatty acid-rich) or flaxseed oil (SO,n-3 fatty acid-rich) from the fifteenth day of gestation and outer nuclear layer (ONL) thicknesses measured at 55 days of age. The graph shows the mean values of ONL thicknesses across the entire retina (sagittal section, passing through the optic nerve head); the standard deviation is represented by the error bars. Statistical differences relative to WT (*) and between P23H and S334ter (+) were determined with two tailed Student's t-tests, p<0.05, n=4 to 7.

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