Table 4 of Young, Mol Vis 2004; 10:163-176.

Table 4. Genes expressed in human donor sclera that map to chromosome loci with defined intervals

A description of genes expressed in human donor sclera that map to chromosome loci with defined intervals (chromosomes 18p11.31, 17q21-22, 12q23-24, and 7q36) associated with non-syndromic high-grade myopia, associated accession number, gene symbol, and cytogenetic position.

Accession                                                  Cytogenetic
  number                  Name                  Gene        position
----------   ------------------------------   --------   ---------------
NM_006788    ralA binding protein 1           RALBP1     18p11.3
NM_021074    NADH dehydrogenase               NDUFV2     18p11.31-p11.2
             (ubiquinone) flavoprotein 2
NM_003803    myomesin 1 (skelemin, 185 kD)    MYOM1      18p11.31-p11.32
NM_005433    v-yes-1 Yamaguchi sarcoma        YES1       18p11.31-p11.21
             viral oncogene homolog 1
NM_174886    TGFB-induced factor (TALE        TGIF       18p11.3
             family homeobox)
NM_013292    myosin regulatory light chain    MLC-B      18p11.31
NM_004583    Cluster Incl. U18420:Human       RAB5C      17q21.2
             ras-related small GTP binding
             protein Rab5 (rab5) mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(135,785)
             /gb=U18420 /gi=642531
             /ug=Hs.479 /len=1579
NM_001096    Cluster Incl. X64330:H.sapiens   ACLY       17q12-q21
             mRNA for ATP-citrate lyase
             /cds=(84,3401) /gb=X64330
             /gi=28934 /ug=Hs.174140
NM_006807    Cluster Incl. U35451:Homo        CBX1       17q
             sapiens heterochromatin
             protein p25 mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(216,773) /gb=U35451
             /gi=1177844 /ug=Hs.77254
NM_003488    Cluster Incl. X97335:H.sapiens   AKAP1      17q21-q23
             mRNA for kinase A anchor
             protein /cds=(124,2835)
             /gb=X97335 /gi=1507823
             /ug=Hs.78921 /len=3758
NM_002634    Cluster Incl.                    PHB        17q21
             S85655:prohibitin [human,
             mRNA, 1043 nt] /cds=(50,868)
             /gb=S85655 /gi=246482
             /ug=Hs.75323 /len=1024
NM_006380    Cluster Incl. D86981:Human       APPBP2     17q21-q23
             mRNA for KIAA0228 gene,
             partial cds /cds=(0,2045)
             /gb=D86981 /gi=1504035
             /ug=Hs.84084 /len=6465
NM_014233    Cluster Incl. X53390:Human       UBTF       17q21.3
             mRNA for upstream binding
             factor (hUBF) /cds=(147,2441)
             /gb=X53390 /gi=509240
             /ug=Hs.89781 /len=3097
NM_002512    Cluster Incl. X58965:H.sapiens   NME2       17q21.3
             RNA for nm23-H2 gene
             /cds=(72,530) /gb=X58965
             /gi=35069 /ug=Hs.227823
NM_022739    Cluster Incl.                    SMURF2     17q22-q23
             AA630312:ac08f05.s1 Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 3 end
             /clone_end=3 /gb=AA630312
             /gi=2552923 /ug=Hs.21806
NM_025233    Cluster Incl. U18919:Human       NBP        17q12-q21
             chromosome 17q12-21 mRNA,
             clone pOV-2, partial cds
             /cds=(0,886) /gb=U18919
             /gi=894177 /ug=Hs.74130
NM_000988    Cluster Incl.                    RPL27      17q21.1-q21.2
             AA044823:zk72a10.s1 Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 3 end
             /clone_end=3 /gb=AA044823
             /gi=1523026 /ug=Hs.111611
NM_005749    Cluster Incl. D38305:Human       TOB1       17q21
             mRNA for Tob, complete cds
             /cds=(43,1080) /gb=D38305
             /gi=1580723 /ug=Hs.178137
M23410       HUMPLAKO Human plakoglobin       JUP        17q21
             (PLAK) mRNA; complete cds.
AF519531     Human interferon gamma           SCYA2      17q11.2-q21.1
             treatment inducible mRNA
XM_290758    Cluster Incl. AB011125:Homo      KIAA0553   17q21.31
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0553
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,3289) /gb=AB011125
             /gi=3043629 /ug=Hs.105749
NM_004396    Cluster Incl. X52104:Human       DDX5       17q21
             mRNA for p68 protein
             /cds=(175,2019) /gb=X52104
             /gi=35219 /ug=Hs.76053
NM_153490    Cluster Incl. X14640:Human       KRT13      17q21-q23
             mRNA for keratin 13
             /cds=(42,1418) /gb=X14640
             /gi=34032 /ug=Hs.74070
NM_005899    Cluster Incl. D30756:Human       M17S2      17q21.1
             mRNA for KIAA0049 gene,
             complete cds /cds=(140,3040)
             /gb=D30756 /gi=488500
             /ug=Hs.233745 /len=4654
NM_006688    Cluster Incl. AF095154:Homo      CRF        17q21
             sapiens C1q-related factor
             mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(13,789) /gb=AF095154
             /gi=3747096 /ug=Hs.134012
NM_006460    Cluster Incl. AB021179:Homo      HIS1       17q21.32
             sapiens mRNA for HEXIM1
             protein, complete cds
             /cds=(689,1768) /gb=AB021179
             /gi=4062855 /ug=Hs.15299
NM_021137    Cluster Incl. M80783:Human B12   TNFAIP1    17q22-q23
             protein mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(153,1103) /gb=M80783
             /gi=179303 /ug=Hs.76090
NM_004773    Cluster Incl. L40410:Homo        TRIP3      17q21.1
             sapiens thyroid receptor
             interactor (TRIP3) mRNA, 3 end
             of cds /cds=(0,458) /gb=L40410
             /gi=703109 /ug=Hs.2210
NM_025233    Cluster Incl. U18919:Human       NBP        17q12-q21
             chromosome 17q12-21 mRNA,
             clone pOV-2, partial cds
             /cds=(0,886) /gb=U18919
             /gi=894177 /ug=Hs.74130
NM_001070    Cluster Incl. M61764:Human       TUBG1      17q21
             gamma-tubulin mRNA, complete
             cds /cds=(24,1379) /gb=M61764
             /gi=183702 /ug=Hs.21635
AF073312     Cluster Incl. AF035811:Homo      PNUTL2     17q22-q23
             sapiens protein H5 (H5) mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(129,1565)
             /gb=AF035811 /gi=2665833
             /ug=Hs.155524 /len=1737
NM_170608.   Cluster Incl.                    TCFL4      17q21.1
             AW005997:wz91c01.x1 Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 3 end
             /clone_end=3 /gb=AW005997
             /gi=5854775 /ug=Hs.78185
NM_015294    Cluster Incl. AB020705:Homo      TRIM37     17q22-q23
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0898
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,2939) /gb=AB020705
             /gi=4240284 /ug=Hs.8164
NM_006148    Cluster Incl. X82456:H.sapiens   LASP1      17q11-q21.3
             MLN50 mRNA /cds=(75,860)
             /gb=X82456 /gi=2407912
             /ug=Hs.75080 /len=3846
NM_005121    Cluster Incl. AB011165:Homo      TRAP240    17q22-q23
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0593
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,2844) /gb=AB011165
             /gi=3043709 /ug=Hs.11861
NM_004375    Cluster Incl. U79270:Human       COX11      17q22
             clone 23707 mRNA, partial cds
             /cds=(0,460) /gb=U79270
             /gi=1710235 /ug=Hs.239420
NM_002512    H.sapiens RNA for nm23-H2        NME2       17q21.3
NM_000269    Homo sapiens NM23-H1 mRNA        NME1       17q21.3
NM_001552    Human insulin-like growth        IGFBP4     17q12-q21.1
             factor binding protein 4
             (IGFBP4) mRNA, complete cds
NM_002824    Cluster Incl. M24398:Human       PTMS       17q12-q22
             parathymosin mRNA, complete
             cds /cds=(300,608) /gb=M24398
             /gi=339698 /ug=Hs.171814
NM_006373    Cluster Incl. U18009:Human       VAT1       17q21
             chromosome 17q21 mRNA clone
             LF113 /cds=(0,939) /gb=U18009
             /gi=602277 /ug=Hs.157236
NM_003766    Cluster Incl. U17999:HSU17999    BECN1      17q21
             Homo sapiens cDNA
             /clone=B49B32B27 /gb=U17999
             /gi=602263 /ug=Hs.12272
NM_005831    Cluster Incl. U22897:Homo        NDP52      17q21.32
             sapiens nuclear domain 10
             protein (ndp52) mRNA, complete
             cds /cds=(54,1394) /gb=U22897
             /gi=984286 /ug=Hs.154230
NM_001991    Cluster Incl. AB002386:Human     EZH1       17q21.1-q21.3
             mRNA for KIAA0388 gene,
             complete cds /cds=(100,2343)
             /gb=AB002386 /gi=2224716
             /ug=Hs.194669 /len=4606
NM_002126    Cluster Incl. M95585:Human       HLF        17q22
             hepatic leukemia factor (HLF)
             mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(322,1209) /gb=M95585
             /gi=184223 /ug=Hs.101047
NM_001256    Cluster Incl.                    CDC27      17q12-17q23.2
             AA166687:zq41h05.s1 Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 3 end
             /clone_end=3 /gb=AA166687
             /gi=1745142 /ug=Hs.172405
NM_139276    Cluster Incl. L29277:Homo        STAT3      17q21
             sapiens DNA-binding protein
             (APRF) mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(220,2532) /gb=L29277
             /gi=475788 /ug=Hs.142258
NM_004687    Cluster Incl. AB014547:Homo      MTMR4      17q22-q23
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0647
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,3051) /gb=AB014547
             /gi=3327107 /ug=Hs.141727
NM_003563    Cluster Incl. AJ000644:Homo      SPOP       17q21.32
             sapiens mRNA for SPOP
             /cds=(157,1281) /gb=AJ000644
             /gi=2695707 /ug=Hs.129951
NM_002276    Cluster Incl. Y00503:Human       KRT19      17q21
             mRNA for keratin 19
             /cds=(32,1234) /gb=Y00503
             /gi=34038 /ug=Hs.182265
NM_006924    Cluster Incl. M72709:Human       SFRS1      17q21.3-q22
             alternative splicing factor
             mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=UNKNOWN /gb=M72709
             /gi=179073 /ug=Hs.73737
AB014512     Cluster Incl. AB014512:Homo      PRAX-1     17q22-q23
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0612
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,5212) /gb=AB014512
             /gi=3327037 /ug=Hs.112499
NM_003079    Cluster Incl. AF035262:Homo      SMARCE1    17q21.1
             sapiens BAF57 (BAF57) gene,
             complete cds /cds=(0,1235)
             /gb=AF035262 /gi=2914752
             /ug=Hs.235497 /len=1236
NM_007359    Cluster Incl. X80199:H.sapiens   MLN51      17q11-q21.3
             MLN51 mRNA /cds=(233,1837)
             /gb=X80199 /gi=2385366
             /ug=Hs.83422 /len=4253
LOC51096     Cluster Incl.                    LOC51096   17q21.33
             AI140114:qa95c06.x1 Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 3 end
             /clone_end=3 /gb=AI140114
             /gi=3647571 /ug=Hs.6153
NM_021078    Cluster Incl. AF029777:Homo      GCN5L2     17q21
             sapiens histone
             acetyltransferase (GCN5) mRNA,
             partial cds /cds=(24,2537)
             /gb=AF029777 /gi=3220163
             /ug=Hs.101067 /len=3074
NM_005533    Human interferon-induced         IFI35      17q21
             leucine zipper protein (IFP35)
             mRNA, partial cds
NM_006178    Cluster Incl. U03985:Human       NSF        17q21
             factor mRNA, partial cds
             /cds=(0,2255) /gb=U03985
             /gi=467976 /ug=Hs.108802
NM_005895    Cluster Incl. D63997:Homo        GOLGA3     12q24.33
             sapiens mRNA for GCP170,
             complete cds /cds=(269,4861)
             /gb=D63997 /gi=2662348
             /ug=Hs.4953 /len=6640
NM_002813    Cluster Incl.                    PSMD9      12q24.31-q24.32
             AI347155:tc04c11.x1 Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 3 end
             /clone_end=3 /gb=AI347155
             /gi=4084361 /ug=Hs.5648
NM_004642    Cluster Incl. AF006484:Homo      CDK2AP1    12q24.31
             sapiens putative oral tumor
             suppressor protein (doc-1)
             mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(522,869) /gb=AF006484
             /gi=2738496 /ug=Hs.3436
Z22555       Cluster Incl. Z22555:H.sapiens   CD36L1     12q24.31
             encoding CLA-1 mRNA
             /cds=(69,1598) /gb=Z22555
             /gi=397606 /ug=Hs.180616
NM_023012    Cluster Incl. W26521:32g11       FLJ11021   12q24.31
             Homo sapiens cDNA /gb=W26521
             /gi=1307382 /ug=Hs.81648
NM_006815    Cluster Incl. X92098:H.sapiens   RNP24      12q24.31
             mRNA for transmembrane protein
             rnp24 /cds=(27,632) /gb=X92098
             /gi=1212964 /ug=Hs.75914
NM_003565    Cluster Incl. AF045458:Homo      ULK1       12q24.3
             sapiens serine/threonine
             kinase ULK1 (ULK1) mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(268,3420)
             /gb=AF045458 /gi=3435113
             /ug=Hs.47061 /len=5211
XM_055013    Human ubiquitin mRNA, complete   UBC        12q24.3
NM_002956    Cluster Incl. X64838:H.sapiens   RSN        12q24.3
             mRNA for restin
             /cds=(132,4415) /gb=X64838
             /gi=35998 /ug=Hs.31638
NM_003299    HSTRA1 Human tra1 mRNA for       TRA1       12q24.2-q24.3
             human homologue of murine
             tumor rejection antigen gp96
NM_033624    Cluster Incl. AB020682:Homo      FBXO21     12q24.23
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0875
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,1866) /gb=AB020682
             /gi=4240238 /ug=Hs.184227
NM_002567    Cluster Incl. X75252:H.sapiens   PBP        12q24.23
             binding protein mRNA
             /cds=(110,673) /gb=X75252
             /gi=406289 /ug=Hs.80423
XM_034056    Cluster Incl. AB028948:Homo      KIAA1025   12q24.22
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA1025
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,3441) /gb=AB028948
             /gi=5689386 /ug=Hs.4084
XM_045792    Cluster Incl. D86973:Human       GCN1L1     12q24.2
             mRNA for KIAA0219 gene,
             partial cds /cds=(0,7239)
             /gb=D86973 /gi=1504019
             /ug=Hs.75354 /len=7819
NM_000690    Cluster Incl. X05409:Human RNA   ALDH2      12q24.2
             for mitochondrial aldehyde
             dehydrogenase I ALDH I (EC
             /gb=X05409 /gi=28605
             /ug=Hs.195432 /len=1989
NM_001002    Cluster Incl. M17885:Human       RPLP0      12q24.2
             acidic ribosomal
             phosphoprotein P0 mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(77,1030)
             /gb=M17885 /gi=190231
             /ug=Hs.73742 /len=1097
NM_004373    Cluster Incl.                    COX6A1     12q24.2
             AI540925:PEC1.2_15_A02.r Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 5 end
             /clone_end=5 /gb=AI540925
             /gi=4458298 /ug=Hs.180714
NM_002710    Cluster Incl. X74008:H.sapiens   PPP1CC     12q24.1-q24.2
             mRNA for protein phosphatase 1
             gamma /cds=(154,1125)
             /gb=X74008 /gi=402777
             /ug=Hs.79081 /len=2263
AB014514     Cluster Incl. AB014514:Homo      KIAA0614   12q24.13
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0614
             protein, partial cds
             /cds=(0,4893) /gb=AB014514
             /gi=3327041 /ug=Hs.7314
NM_006817    Cluster Incl. X94910:Homo        C12orf8    12q24.13
             sapiens mRNA for ERp28 protein
             /cds=(11,796) /gb=X94910
             /gi=3413292 /ug=Hs.75841
NM_004592    Cluster Incl. U08377:Human       SFRS8      12q24.12
             homolog of Drosophila splicing
             mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(120,2975) /gb=U08377
             /gi=508230 /ug=Hs.84229
NM_006825    Cluster Incl. X69910:H.sapiens   CKAP4      12q24.11
             p63 mRNA for transmembrane
             protein /cds=(84,1889)
             /gb=X69910 /gi=297407
             /ug=Hs.74368 /len=2898
AF387506     Cluster Incl. AB020880:Homo      KIAA0156   12q24.11
             sapiens mRNA for squamous cell
             carcinoma antigen SART-3,
             complete cds /cds=(19,2910)
             /gb=AB020880 /gi=4996281
             /ug=Hs.116875 /len=3788
NM_007062    Cluster Incl. L07758:Human IEF   PWP1       12q24.11
             SSP 9502 mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(87,1592) /gb=L07758
             /gi=177764 /ug=Hs.172589
AB011109     Cluster Incl. AB011109:Homo      KIAA0537   12q24.11
             sapiens mRNA for KIAA0537
             protein, complete cds
             /cds=(1380,3365) /gb=AB011109
             /gi=3043597 /ug=Hs.200598
NM_014301    Cluster Incl. U47101:Human       NIFU       12q24.1
             NifU-like protein (hNifU)
             mRNA, partial cds /cds=(0,366)
             /gb=U47101 /gi=1685101
             /ug=Hs.9908 /len=819
NM_003211    Cluster Incl. U51166:Human G/T   TDG        12q24.1
             mismatch-specific thymine DNA
             glycosylase mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(399,1631) /gb=U51166
             /gi=1378106 /ug=Hs.173824
NM_005719    Cluster Incl.                    ARPC3      12q24
             AI525393:PT1.1_07_A11.r Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 5 end
             /clone_end=5 /gb=AI525393
             /gi=4439528 /ug=Hs.6895
NM_005475    Cluster Incl. AF055581:Homo      LNK        12q24
             sapiens adaptor protein Lnk
             mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(357,2084) /gb=AF055581
             /gi=3845720 /ug=Hs.13131
NM_002973    Cluster Incl. Y08262:H.sapiens   SCA2       12q24
             mRNA for SCA2 protein
             /cds=(0,2746) /gb=Y08262
             /gi=1770389 /ug=Hs.76253
NM_003362    Cluster Incl. Y09008:H.sapiens   UNG        12q23-q24.1
             mRNA for uracil-DNA
             glycosylase /cds=(70,1011)
             /gb=Y09008 /gi=1850820
             /ug=Hs.78853 /len=2036
AY186578     Cluster Incl. M23114:Homo        ATP2A2     12q23-q24.1
             sapiens calcium-ATPase (HK1)
             mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(163,3291) /gb=M23114
             /gi=184100 /ug=Hs.1526
NM_003330    Cluster Incl. X91247:H.sapiens   TXNRD1     12q23-q24.1
             mRNA for thioredoxin reductase
             /cds=(439,1932) /gb=X91247
             /gi=1237037 /ug=Hs.13046
NM_004075    Cluster Incl. D83702:Homo        CRY1       12q23-q24.1
             sapiens mRNA for photolyase,
             complete cds /cds=(586,2346)
             /gb=D83702 /gi=1304106
             /ug=Hs.151573 /len=2981
NM_005594    Cluster Incl. AF054187:Homo      NACA       12q23-q24.1
             sapiens alpha NAC mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(309,956)
             /gb=AF054187 /gi=4092059
             /ug=Hs.146763 /len=1059
NM_001177    Cluster Incl. L28997:Homo        ARL1       12q23.3
             sapiens ARL1 mRNA, complete
             cds /cds=(144,689) /gb=L28997
             /gi=607027 /ug=Hs.77102
NM_002465    Cluster Incl. X73114:H.sapiens   MYBPC1     12q23.3
             mRNA for slow MyBP-C
             /cds=(81,3452) /gb=X73114
             /gi=402618 /ug=Hs.169849
NM_003297    Human steroid receptor           NR2C1      12q23.1
             (TR2-11) mRNA, complete cds
NM_005888    Cluster Incl. X60036:H.sapiens   SLC25A3    12q23
             mRNA for mitochondrial
             phosphate carrier protein
             /cds=(48,1133) /gb=X60036
             /gi=38261 /ug=Hs.78713
AB013382     Cluster Incl. AB013382:Homo      DUSP6      12q22-q23
             sapiens mRNA for DUSP6,
             complete cds /cds=(351,1496)
             /gb=AB013382 /gi=3869139
             /ug=Hs.180383 /len=2390
NM_000618    Human IGF-I mRNA for             IGF1       12q22-q23
             insulin-like growth factor I
NM_006166    Cluster Incl.                    NFYB       12q22-q23
             AA621555:af53a04.s1 Homo
             sapiens cDNA, 3 end
             /clone_end=3 /gb=AA621555
             /gi=2525494 /ug=Hs.84928
NM_001682    Cluster Incl. J04027:Human       ATP2B1     12q21-q23
             plasma membrane Ca2+ pumping
             ATPase mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(181,3843) /gb=J04027
             /gi=950413 /ug=Hs.78546
NM_002345    Cluster Incl. U21128:Human       LUM        12q21.3-q22
             lumican mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(84,1100) /gb=U21128
             /gi=699576 /ug=Hs.79914
NM_003805    Human death domain containing    CRADD      12q21.33-q23.1
             protein CRADD mRNA, complete
NM_002847    Cluster Incl. U81561:Human       PTPRN2     7q36
             protein tyrosine phosphatase
             receptor pi (PTPRP) mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(42,3038)
             /gb=U81561 /gi=2351575
             /ug=Hs.74624 /len=4699
NM_002889    Cluster Incl. U77594:Human       RARRES2    7q36.1
             tazarotene-induced gene 2
             (TIG2) mRNA, complete cds
             /cds=(96,587) /gb=U77594
             /gi=1848263 /ug=Hs.37682
NM_013316    Cluster Incl. U71267:Human       CNOT4      7q22-qter
             potential transcriptional
             repressor NOT4Hp (NOT4H) mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(281,2209)
             /gb=U71267 /gi=4097897
             /ug=Hs.20423 /len=3297
AF493921     Homo sapiens mRNA for            RHEB2      7q36
             ras-related GTP-binding
             protein; complete cds
NM_003592    Cluster Incl. AF062536:Homo      CUL1       7q36.1
             sapiens cullin 1 mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(124,2454)
             /gb=AF062536 /gi=3139076
             /ug=Hs.14541 /len=2583
NM_003040    Cluster Incl. U62531:Human AE2   SLC4A2     7q35-q36
             anion exchanger (SLC4A2) mRNA,
             complete cds /cds=(174,3899)
             /gb=U62531 /gi=1809029
             /ug=Hs.79410 /len=4054
D13635       Cluster Incl. D13635:Human       KIAA0010   7q36.3
             mRNA for KIAA0010 gene,
             complete cds /cds=(303,3554)
             /gb=D13635 /gi=285982
             /ug=Hs.155287 /len=5160

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