Figure 1 of Rao, Mol Vis 2004; 10:112-121.

Figure 1. Detection of NADPH Oxidase activity in lens tissue

A depicts the linear response of lucigenin photoemission (measured as relative light units (RLU)) with increasing amounts of monkey lens homogenate. B shows the distribution of lucigenin-activating activity in monkey lens. As shown in the figure, most of the total lucigenin photoemission activity localizes to the lens epithelium, as compared to cortex and nucleus. C illustrates the effects of SOD and DPI on lens lucigenin photoemission. In the presence of SOD or DPI, lens lucigenin photoemission was dramatically reduced, confirming the involvement of superoxide and flavoprotein-NADPH oxidase in lens homogenate induced lucigenin photoemission. Heat inactivation of lens homogenate inhibits lucigenin photoemission activity by more than 90%.

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