Figure 1 of Hughes, Mol Vis 2004; 10:996-1004.

Figure 1. Et-1 activates a BQ123 sensitive calcium transient and contractile response in RMPs cultured on native BM

A: Typical record among 10 trials showing that 10 nM Et-1 evokes a biphasic Ca2+ response in RMPs comprising a peak and plateau phase. B: Application of Et-1 in a Ca2+-free Hanks solution causes elimination of the plateau phase (n=6). C: The reversible ETA receptor antagonist BQ123 (1 μM), prevents the Et-1 [Ca2+]i response, while washing out in normal Hanks solution is able to restore the effect (n=6). D: Light micrograph of a pericyte before Et-1 stimulation. E: Light micrograph of a pericyte 10 min after Et-1 stimulation (in the absence of forskolin). Scale bars for D and E represent 20 μm.

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