Figure 7 of Stark, Mol Vis 2004; 10:943-955.

Figure 7. Confocal images of autofluorescence of normal and transgenic Drosophila

Fluorescent deep pseudopupil of vitamin A replete white eyed Drosophila melanogaster (fluorescein optics, BioRad 600). White eyed otherwise wild type (w, top left). These flies, in which the native Rh1 resides in R1-6, are compared with flies where the Rh1 promoter drives Rh2 to Rh6 into R1-6 (for ectopic expression). w Rh(1+2) (top right). w Rh(1+3) (middle left). w Rh(1+4) (middle right). w Rh(1+5) (bottom left). w Rh(1+6) (bottom right).

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