Figure 1 of Khanobdee, Mol Vis 2004; 10:933-942.

Figure 1. SH3BP4 fusion proteins

A: The full length SH3BP4 protein is shown with the domains and consensus sequences identified within SH3BP4. These include a SH3 domain, 3 repeats of the amino acid sequence N-P-F that are putative EH-domain binding sequences, the P-X-X-P putative SH3 binding sequence, the bipartite nuclear targeting sequence, the Tyr phosphorylation site and the death domain. B: The prokaryotic fusion protein MBP-SH3BP4 which is the antigen for the SH3BP4 antibody. The eukaryotic fusion proteins, SH3BP4-GFP (C), GFP-SH3BP4 (D) and myc-SH3BP4 (E), that were used in the subcellular localization studies are also shown. The restriction enzyme site used to generate each in frame SH3BP4 fusion protein is shown at the junction of SH3BP4 with the vector encoded protein.

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