Table 4 of Paluru, Mol Vis 2004; 10:917-922.

Table 4. Observed sequence polymorphisms in the fibromodulin (FMOD) gene

Each column represents a separate sequence variant with base pair position on the scaffold sequence. Wt illustrates wild type sequence published on scaffold NT_04671.15. Rs represents the reference cluster single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) identification. The red color denotes affected subjects.

           14672146    14666200    14665831   14664950   14664864   14664736
Subject-    wt=G/G      wt=G/G      wt=G/G     wt=C/C     wt=C/C     wt=A/A
Pedigree   rs7543148   rs3738022    novel      rs4605     rs7208    rs2886220
--------   ---------   ---------   --------   --------   --------   ---------
12-2                      A/A        G/G        C/C        C/C         A/A
14-2                      G/A        G/G        G/C        C/T         A/G
11-2          A/A         A/A        G/G        C/C        C/C         A/A
7-2                       A/A        G/G        C/C        C/C         A/A
5-2                       A/A        G/G        C/C        C/C         A/A
9-2                       G/A        G/G        G/C        C/T         A/G
6-MYO10                   G/A        G/G        G/C        C/T         A/G
4-MYO10       A/A         G/A        G/G        G/G        C/C         A/A
25-MYO10      A/G                    G/G        G/G        C/C         A/A
5-MYO10       A/A         G/A        G/G        G/C        C/T         A/G
3-MYO10                   G/A                   G/C        C/T         A/G
23-MYO10      A/G         G/A        G/G        G/G        C/T         A/G
20-MYO10                             G/G        G/C        C/T         A/G
15-MYO10                  A/A        G/G        G/C        C/C         A/A
7-MYO10                   G/G        G/G        G/G        T/T         G/G
Control       A/G         A/A        G/A        G/C        C/C         A/A

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