Figure 5 of Chen, Mol Vis 2004; 10:874-883.

Figure 5. Ectopic expression of chicken merlin (cNf2) in lens epithelial cells suppresses cell proliferation

Transfection of lens epithelial cells with either EGFP (A-D) or cNf2-EGFP (E-H) expression plasmid. EGFP expression (green) indicates the localization of the transfected cells. Cell nuclei (red) were stained with propedium iodide (PI). For cell proliferation analysis, BrdU (blue) immunohistochemistry was used to detect lens cells at the S-phase of the cell cycle. I: Cell proliferation index in EGFP and merlin/EGFP expressing cells. The ratio of BrdU positive EGFP expressing cells to total EGFP expressing cells was calculated as the cell proliferation index. The Student t-test was performed and the p-value (<0.001) indicated that ectopic expression of c-merlin in lens epithelial cells significantly inhibited cell proliferation. The total number of EGFP expressing cells is shown at the bottom of the bar.

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